Sky-High in Goa: Parasailing Tips for First-Timers

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Sky-High in Goa: Parasailing Tips for First-Timers

Sky-High in Goa: Parasailing Tips for First-Timers

For many tourists, Goa is the ideal destination because of its breathtaking beaches and lively culture. Goa provides an abundance of adventure activities that may elevate your vacation experience beyond the beaches and waves. The thrilling sport of parasailing is one such instance. The thought of flying high over the ocean while attached to a parachute may be thrilling and terrifying for first-timers. This article seeks to allay your fears and offer vital advice for a memorable parasailing experience in Goa.

What is parasailing?

Parasailing, often referred to as parakiting or parascending, is the practice of being hauled behind a boat while fastened to a parasail a specially-made parachute. The parasail launches you into the air as the boat picks up speed, giving you a bird's-eye perspective of the gorgeous coastal landscape. Adventure seekers should not miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to blend the exhilaration of flight with the tranquil beauty of the ocean.

Why choose Goa for parasailing?

Goa's vast, spotless beaches, pleasant climate, and skilled water sports providers make it the perfect place to go parasailing. For this pastime, the beaches of Candolim, Baga, Anjuna, and Calangute are especially well-liked. A pleasant parasailing experience is guaranteed by the balmy tropical weather and the Arabian Sea's crystal clear seas.

Preparing for Your Parasailing Adventure

1. Choose the Right Operator

The most important consideration when choosing a parasailing operator should be safety. Seek for operators that have the required safety qualifications, a solid reputation, and favourable evaluations. To make sure that all safety precautions are taken, it is worthwhile to spend a little bit extra for a reliabl

2. Wear Appropriate Clothing

Choose apparel that fits well and doesn't restrict your movement. T-shirts, shorts and swimsuits are perfect. Steer clear of loose clothing that might tangle with the apparatus. Additionally, remember to slather on enough sunscreen to shield your skin from the damaging sun.

3. Listen to the Safety Briefing

The operators will brief you on safety before you take off. Keep an eye on everything, and if something is unclear, ask inquiries. The fundamentals of takeoff, flying, and landing techniques, as well as emergency measures, will be covered.

4. Check the Weather

The weather is a major factor in parasailing. Make sure the day of your journey has calm, dependable weather. Storms or strong winds may make parasailing hazardous. If the weather is bad, most operators will either postpone or cancel itineraries.

The Parasailing Experience

1. Takeoff

The procedure of taking off is not too complicated. A harness that fastens your connection to the parasail will be fitted to you. The parachute will start to expand as soon as the boat moves, causing you to gradually rise off the ground. It's typically a moderate and smooth rise, so sit back and let the boat handle the job.

2. Enjoying the Flight

Once in the air, pause to enjoy the breathtaking scenery. The ocean, the coast, and occasionally even marine life swimming below will be visible to you. It feels so liberating to soar through the air. Remain composed and relish the journey. If you're feeling anxious, divert your attention with breathing exercises and scenic views.

3. Landing

Just as effortless as the climb is the descent. Depending on how the operator has set it up, the boat will progressively slow down and you will be gently lowered back to the beach or the boat. For a safe landing, keep your legs straight and obey the crew's directions.

Tips for a Safe and Enjoyable Experience

1. Stay Hydrated

You may feel lightheaded or faint throughout the trip if you are dehydrated. Before your parasailing session, make sure you hydrate well, especially if you've been out in the sun.

2. Secure Your Belongings

Wallets, phones, and other valuables should be left on the shore. While some operators offer lockers, it's advisable to pack minimally.

3. Inform the Crew of Any Health Issues

Let the staff know if you have any medical issues. They need to know whether you have any conditions that might make it unsafe for you to parasail, such as vertigo or heart difficulties.

4. Don’t Panic

It's normal to have a mixture of anxiety and enthusiasm. Have faith in the experts and the equipment. Talk to the crew if you're feeling overwhelmed; they're there to make sure you're comfortable and secure.

Capturing the Moment

1. Bring a GoPro or Waterproof Camera

Think of utilising a waterproof camera or a GoPro to record the thrilling event. For an extra charge, a lot of operators also provide photography and filming services.

2. Secure Your Camera Properly

Make sure the camera is firmly attached. Being lost in midair is the last thing you want to happen. Chest mounts or wrist straps are suitable choices.

Post-Parasailing Activities

1. Relax on the Beach

After the thrill of parasailing, unwind on one of Goa’s beautiful beaches. Enjoy the sun, take a swim, or simply relax with a cool drink.

2. Explore Local Attractions

Goa has much to offer beyond its beaches. Visit local markets, and historical sites, and enjoy the vibrant nightlife.

3. Try Other Water Sports

Try other water activities like jet skiing, windsurfing, or scuba diving if parasailing piques your curiosity.

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What are the benefits and drawbacks for tourists and guests of Goa Parasailing?


Parasailing in Goa offers a unique blend of thrill and serenity, attracting tourists seeking adventure amidst the picturesque backdrop of the Arabian Sea. Benefits include the exhilarating experience of flight, providing a bird's-eye view of Goa's stunning coastline, and the opportunity for individuals to step out of their comfort zones and engage in a memorable activity. It also supports local businesses and contributes to the tourism industry.


However, there are drawbacks to consider. Safety concerns are paramount, as accidents, though rare, can occur due to equipment failure or adverse weather conditions. The activity may not be suitable for those with a fear of heights or certain medical conditions. Additionally, the environmental impact cannot be ignored; the noise and boat traffic may disturb marine life and contribute to pollution.

What is inculcated for the Parasailing
Parasailing in Goa is an exhilarating activity that offers a unique perspective of the state's stunning coastline. Here's what you can expect when you go parasailing in Goa:

• Equipment: The activity involves a parachute and a speedboat. You'll be securely harnessed to the parachute, which is then towed by the boat, lifting you into the air.

•  Height: You can soar up to 300 to 320 feet above the water, enjoying a bird's eye view of the beaches and the Arabian Sea.

•  Cost: Prices for parasailing start at around ?899 per person and can go up to ?2000, depending on the location and the duration of the flight.

•  Timing: Parasailing is typically available from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

•  Safety: Helmets, arm and knee guards, safety jackets, and an instructor are usually included in the package to ensure your safety.

•  Requirements: It's recommended to wear swimwear, a T-shirt, and shorts, and to bring sun cream, a hat, a towel, and sunglasses. The permissible weight for participants is usually around 100 Kg.

•  Locations: Some of the best beaches for parasailing in Goa include Calangute Beach, Candolim Beach, Baga Beach, and Dona Paula Beach, among others
What are the must-visit attractions in Goa?

Goa is a treasure trove of attractions that cater to every type of traveller. 

•  Palolem Beach: A crescent-shaped paradise offering serene beauty and water sports

•  Basilica of Bom Jesus: A UNESCO-listed church known for its baroque architecture

•  Dudhsagar Falls: A majestic four-tiered waterfall amidst lush greenery

•  Fontainhas: The Latin quarter known for its picturesque Portuguese-style houses

•  Anjuna Market: A hippy-inspired flea market perfect for souvenir shopping

•  Tanshikar's Working Spice Farm: An organic spice haven where you can learn about spice cultivation

These are just a few of the many vibrant experiences Goa offers, from its golden beaches to its rich cultural heritage. Whether you're seeking adventure, relaxation, or a glimpse into Goa's history, these places are sure to enrich your visit.


Parasailing in Goa is a thrilling activity that offers a mix of adventure and scenic beauty. It's a chance to soar above the Arabian Sea and witness the coastline from a unique perspective. The sport is accessible to most people and is a significant draw for tourists, boosting the local economy. Safety measures are in place, but participants should be aware of potential risks like equipment malfunctions or unpredictable weather. Despite these concerns, parasailing remains a popular and exhilarating experience for those visiting Goa's beautiful beaches.


In Goa, parasailing is an excellent opportunity to infuse your vacation with a little adventure. It's an experience not to be forgotten because of the breathtaking vistas, the exhilaration of the flight, and the beauty of Goa's coastline. You can make sure your first parasailing experience is safe, fun, and filled with lifelong memories by paying attention to these pointers. Prepare yourself, inhale deeply, and get ready to fly over Goa's blue seas. Cheers to your flight.

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